The Head of State has multiplied the promises in favor of retirees. While he was not yet re-elected and it was then necessary to face Marine Le Pen in the second round, Emmanuel Macron thus undertook to revalue the retirement pensions that the insured receive. A measure which was subsequently detailed by the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. In practice, retirees must therefore benefit from a 4% increase in the amount of their pension, supposed to protect them against the loss of purchasing power caused by inflation (estimated at more than 5% over the year, as Planet has already been able to explain). They will have to wait until August to touch these new hard and soft funds.

That being said, such a revaluation raises a certain number of questions… Starting with the most important for the retirees themselves: what will be the pensions concerned? The executive has already mentioned certain elements of the response: it can only play on the general system. Pensions paid by supplementary schemes, such as Agirc-Arrco, will therefore not be affected. What about survivors’ pensions?

“Reversion pensions will be well affected by the revaluation”, explains the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) to Pleine-Vie. This does not mean that they will benefit from the same rate of increase… the one still to be confirmed by the Pension Insurance, note our colleagues.

In addition, the survivor’s pension may well not be the only benefit affected by such an increase. “Each benefit will be affected by the revaluation when an insured person is a recipient of a personal pension and a survivor’s pension”, continues the organization.