Revaluation of pensions: good news for some retirees


It was one of the major commitments at the end of the previous five-year term. Of course, the support system for agricultural pensions did not receive the same media coverage as other more controversial purchasing power measures: the tariff shield, a shield long held up by Jean Castex, and the rebate of 15 cents per liter of fuel purchased were mentioned much more in the press. However, many farmers were eagerly awaiting the increase in their minimum retirement pension, which was to reach 85% of the Smic in December 2021. Was the promise kept? Not quite.

At least… not for everyone.

All the farmers who were also elected have not seen their retirement pensions be revalued, informs Capital on its site. In fact, it is difficult to accurately quantify the number of farmers concerned, but there are enough of them for the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) to take up the issue… as early as February 2022. The problem, explains the monthly, comes from the way the text could have been written: any individual continuing to contribute, as may be the case of the city councilors of France, cannot see their pension revalued.

That being said, the pension funds have indeed identified the problem: according to Capital, the conditions for granting the minimum pension of elected officials should be adjusted, so as “not to discourage the exercise of a local mandate at retirement”. It will therefore be necessary to be patient, but the revaluation – with retroactive effect! – will come to an end.