human rights experts of the United Nations have shown concern about the development of women’s rights in Poland. It is a return to old times, the threat of the UN working group on discrimination against women, said on Thursday after a ten-day visit in Poland. They criticized the family policy of the right-wing conservative government party law and justice (PiS).

The UN experts defendant, among other things, the difficult access to the so-called morning-after pill, which is only available by prescription, and warned against a further tightening of the already strict abortion law in Poland. Since 2015, the President of the government of the state funding of In Vitro fertilization has been deleted also.

The UN Delegation reminded the once “active and dynamic women’s rights movement” in Poland, which had introduced one of the first countries in Europe 100 years ago, the right to vote for women. Some of hard-won progress would now, however, due to the “increasing religious conservatism” in question.

Also on the subject of equality, there is pent-up demand, stated the UN experts. While a legal and political level, a traditional, women -, and family image, will be referred to the fight for equality more and more often as a “misogynist and anti-Polish”. In addition, an increase in homophobic language was observed.