The news about the comeback of Kim Clijsters (36) has, of course, also be in for a shock with responses in the international world of sports is provided.

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the WTA tour’s ceo is Steve Simon, “Kim belongs to the a great of the sport,”

The return of Kim Clijsters at the tennis is great news for the WTA Tour. According to the president and chief executive officer, Steve Simon, and the Limburg, and its place among the greatest names. “Kim, Kim, belongs to the biggest names in the sport. Her return to the Tour is exciting news for the WTA, the family, and all of the tennis fans around the world”, he says on Thursday in a surprising piece of news about the comeback of the 36-year-old Kim.

“is Driven by her love for the sport, this is the beautiful national champion of men and women will inspire you in all stages of their lives. It is only an added value for all of the abundance of talent in the vrouwentennis. I want to wish Kim all the best in this next chapter of her active career.”

to: Johan Van Herck, leave the opening for a return to Fed Cup team, and Go with her to talk about it”

“This is great news for the Belgian to play tennis and for tennis in general, was he much further, the captain of the Belgian Davis Cup and the Fed Cup, the team to know about it. Van Herck also had to know that he has Before and will certainly contact them for a return to the Fed Cup team to consider. “I am going to her be sure to contact with a question. A Kim, in-kind, of course, would be a huge gain for the team. I will be with her around the table to sit down. A Single or a double on both counts, she was the world’s top players. If it’s her schedule allows, she is more than welcome to do so. And, maybe, she thinks, but secretly, to participate in Tokyo 2020, But I don’t want to pre-judge the issues. It’s a matter of seeing how she is in her season, her first tournament has expired. We will be playing in early February, against Kazakhstan, that is.”

“I was not very excited, because it was right on the court (smiling). It is, of course, for me, it’s also something of a surprise. Have a fun-filled, this is incredibly good news for the Belgian final. This will be a positive boost to the cause. I have known Kim for a little bit, and you know that it is not a decision you take lightly, it is gone. Kim has a incredible amount of talent to get from “mother nature”. It will be hard to work out with the team, and if they are fit and healthy, and there is nothing new, the success is in the way. No, I am not going to tie myself down to a WTA tour ranking. If they are in good spirits following victories will naturally follow. (cpm):

Dominique Monami very friendly and helpful with the return, “for example, they want to laugh”

“It surprised me enormously,” responded Dominique Monami, former number nine in the world. “At the age of thirty years, you’d expect something like this yet, but it’s not at the age of 36 years. I think that they will want to have a good time. Kim has a fantastic career behind him. When I read the news, heard about this, I asked my ex why she would want to do that. However, I do understand that they still have the ambition to win games. Kim, it is never a full stop, with tennis courts, such as Justine Henin, for example. It is recreational and will always continue to play it, and smote at her academy, She is a little ball.”

“I think that they still can compete with the top in its comeback,” continued the 46-year-old Work. “I saw her at Wimbledon this summer, court, N. 1, open, in a match against Venus Williams. Maybe they will when the click has been made.”

“actually, it will not be easy”, it was decided Monami. “She had as a young musician, it was agreed the burden of the risk of injury. That is, do not get any better as you get older. You must also be inferior. But it is a very important aspect of tennis, and that she will have to have it. As you can see, Serena Williams, in her nearly 38 also, there is a lot of time.

Els Callens: “I’m a believer in a third party recovery”:

“if this is a Belgian tennis. The Man, Kim, that go back to the game of tennis is the international news of the world, and a blessing on the WTA tour. The likes of Kim have been invaluable for the international final. She is a world star and a great ambassador for our magazine. Whether or not I believe in its comeback? Sure! On the condition that they are well prepared. But I doubt not at all. Kim is a perfectionist, it will be hard to train, and have a very good team.”

“Why do they do it? Kim is the love of the game, of course, is a competitiebeest, and feeling, perhaps, that it is not possible. In the period of Kim&Justine, was on the top are very strong. That is not the case. Okay, so in the end it is wider, but physically, there’s not a lot of changes compared to our period of time. Have a good one Kim Clijsters will soon be back among the people. Three times a mama, and a third come-back: I really hope that it works, and I look forward to her comeback.” (cpm):

the Former coach Marc De Hous: “Secretly hoped”

Also, former coach Marc De Hous and saw that the back will not be coming. “I had secretly hoped for. That is, they can be obtained, I should still be able to find something like that. I saw Kim’s on a legends tournament, and I saw that she had all of her assets does. Why do they do this? Kim plays tennis like it and like the feeling, it is hard not to recreate the league to look for. Have a third party make a comeback, it is, of course, is not self-evident. Especially when you have three times the mommy to become. Staying healthy is a top priority. Kim, however, is in the financial position to make a good team. Even though it’s a third party making a comeback in tennis, “du jamais vu”, I believe that it is possible. The top one is indeed not as strong as that of ten years ago. That will have played a role in her decision. They probably saw potential. I would not like to be Kim in the first round, like lottery tickets, says The House, laughing. (cpm):

Dick Norman: “She’s got a few more years in him”:

the Ex-proftennisser and organizing director of the European Open in Antwerp, and Dick Norman, was delighted with the news. “This is great for international play. I was surprised, however, think that it can be done. Take a look at Serena Williams and Roger Federer, who are almost in their forties go on. Kim still has a few good years in him. They are doing it just to be happy, and with a limited programme, such as Roger and Serena, and a great dosage can be quickly to be successful.” (cpm):

An overview of the reactions on social media, on the return of Kim Clijsters:

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the Sabine Appelmans (former tennis player): . “Oh, Kim, what wonderful news and such a powerful film. I got goose bumps all over!”

Tom Boonen (former professional cyclist): . “Just do it!”

Greg Rusedski (ex-player): . “Oh! That’s a great great news. After working as a commentator, and watching so much tennis @Clijsterskim must have believed she could be in the mix.Good luck and enjoy your recovery. Its Going to be very interesting to see and to watch all season long on @RESULT”).

find out More about Kim’s ex-coach, this summer, the message to Kim, Kim: “take that, please, once again, your racket is IN the PICTURE. Bright, Kim Clijsters was the two weeks ago, the guest of honour at the US Open this year, the CEO of Tennis Vlaanderen and fell from his seat out of surprise: “a Comeback for Kim Clijsters, it is good news,” Kim Clijsters announces return to professional tennis player in “I got that feeling of being missed”