A wrongly after Russia deported asylum seekers is expected again on Sunday in Germany. The 27-year-old Jeside’m going to fly to Berlin, told the government Presidium of Giessen and the lawyer of the man on Friday. Most recently, he is said to have resided in Armenia.

The state of Hesse needs to get back to the Russian citizen, because of his deportation on December 13. November was, according to the ruling of the administrative court of Gießen unlawful. The man was the first asylum-seekers in the past years from the state of Hesse, had to be brought back, – stated in the Ministry of the interior.

The Federal office for Migration and refugees (BAMF) had rejected the asylum application of the husband. This notice has not been served on the husband according to the court, but properly. The man was able to sue, therefore, too late against his rejection. The BAMF, however, that the procedure was completed. Diess had it communicated to the government Presidium Gießen, has arranged for the deportation.

The applicant has applied for, according to his lawyer 2015 along with his mother asylum in Germany. They are Yazidis, and felt as members of this religious minority in Russia followed. The mother seats after a stroke in a wheelchair and was in need of help. For them he had obtained a deportation ban, the lawyer said.