Do you want to be elsewhere, to get away from it all or simply to take full advantage of your rest? A large number of retirees are now choosing to retire abroad, where they can finally relax after a lifetime of work. However, this decision is not without consequences on daily life and habits. This is why it is important to find out beforehand about the essential administrative procedures for a peaceful departure. Zoom in on this process to be carried out.

The ambient gloom, the Covid crisis, living conditions… All these reasons have gradually pushed the French to change their habits and seek escape. While working people have instead turned to teleworking and massive departures to the countryside, retirees dream of balance, rest and a change of scenery. Some therefore decide to move abroad to take the time to live pleasant decades of life. As of December 31, 2019, 1.2 million French retirees were living abroad, out of a total of 16.7 million.

When leaving France, retirees explain their motivation for different reasons. In addition to the desire to escape and live in a context other than the one known for many years, some simply want to reconnect with their roots. For people who have emigrated to France, retirement is the time to return to their country of origin and introduce their spouse or children to it. The climate issue is also discussed at length with more departures to countries that are generally warmer than France. Finally, it is the quality of life and purchasing power that stand out as the last reasons. Indeed, retirees who move abroad generally receive lower pensions than other retirees.