When you have worked little, but nevertheless contributed for your retirement, it is possible to claim reimbursement of your retirement contributions. In fact, insured persons who have contributed for less than two years to a single basic pension scheme are affected by this particular situation. What are the precise conditions of this refund? Can you claim it?

According to a decree published in the Official Journal of February 7, 2016, it is possible, for people who have worked little, to claim reimbursement of their contributions intended for old-age insurance. In this way, this sum will be paid directly to them, instead of a retirement pension. For this procedure to be carried out, it is essential to have only contributed to a single basic pension scheme and not to have more than 8 quarters of contributions to your credit, i.e. approximately two years. In any case, you must wait until the age of 62 to request this reimbursement.

Therefore, you can also obtain reimbursement of your contributions to Social Security retirement insurance when you have only contributed, during your professional activity, to this specific scheme. You must therefore submit your application to Carsat and your pension fund will pay you the amount of the pension contributions paid when you worked. The amount of the refund takes into account the revaluation coefficients applicable on January 1 of the year of your request. After this payment, you will no longer be able to claim a pension from the Social Security retirement insurance.