Retirement: which are the first generations affected by the reform desired by Emmanuel Macron?


A long-awaited announcement. It is now official: Elisabeth Borne will present the pension reform on January 23, 2023 before the Council of Ministers. For the time being, the Matignon tenant is continuing discussions and negotiations with the various social partners. The president of the General Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CPME), François Asselin, told BFMTV his feelings about the government’s project.

A “balanced” reform, according to him: “We take into account long careers, we take into account jobs that are physically more exposed than others (…) From the moment you have a job that physically is not exposed like mine where I will have spent my whole career in an office or in my car, leaving at 65 seems completely honest to me”.

If nothing is set in stone, the government’s idea is to gradually raise the legal retirement age to 65 by 2031. What will be the first generations to experience the effects of such a measure ? Planet did a recap in the slideshow below. The information provided is based on the table of Capital, a magazine specializing in economics.