As you approach retirement, you begin to gather the necessary supporting documents to complete your request. If certain elements are already carefully kept, you wonder how to obtain your career statement. This essential document can thus considerably facilitate and guide your request for retirement. Here’s where to find your career statement.

The career statement is used to calculate the amount of your retirement pension. It lists your income subject to contribution, the number of quarters contributed, but also the number of assimilated quarters. These can thus be quarters of inactivity, whether in the context of illness, an accident at work or a period of disability. Your last year of activity does not appear on your career statement. Note that a statement of individual situation will be sent to you every five years from the age of 35.

You can request your career statement online on the website or the Pension Insurance website. After logging into your account, you will be able to view your career statement. It can also be sent to you by post following a written request made to your pension fund. If you notice any errors on your career statement, it is important to have them corrected quickly. Since July 1, 2021, all insured persons can, in fact, contact Pension Insurance to update their career.