As every year, spring rhymes with tax declaration for many French people, who must declare their income to the competent administration. While the procedure has been simplified over time, in particular thanks to the emergence of digital technology and the possibility of making a declaration online, this moment remains feared. Indeed, it is not uncommon to forget certain essential information and to fear errors in your declaration. In order to take stock, discover, in our slideshow, everything you absolutely must declare to taxes when you are retired.

Since April 13, it has been possible to declare your 2022 income for the year 2023. While the online declaration, on the official tax website, is increasingly preferred, it is still possible to file your declaration on paper. and send it by mail until May 22. It is important to note that this option only applies to households whose home does not have an Internet connection. To complete your declaration online, the deadline depends on your department. If you live in a department between 01 and 19, you must make your declaration before May 22, for departments between 20 and 54, until June 1, and for departments numbered 55 and beyond, until June 8.

As part of your retirement, pensions are taxed after deduction of a 10% allowance. You can find the retirement or disability pensions received on page 3 of your pre-filled declaration. Be careful, if you notice an error in these amounts, it is essential to correct them as soon as possible to avoid calculation problems. Whether it is paid by social security schemes, complementary insurance or your former company, your retirement pension is taxable. It is also essential to declare all the benefits received, as well as the other sources of income from which you have benefited since your retirement. Discover, in our slideshow, all the amounts you must declare to taxes.