When you live in a situation of dependence that extends over time and occupies all areas of your life, it is possible for you to obtain an increase for a third party. Several conditions must be met in order to obtain this aid, while its amount is fixed by decree. Find out if you are eligible for this increase in your current situation.

To benefit from the increase for a third party, it is necessary to meet several criteria. If you receive a pension for incapacity for work, or a disability pension, you can obtain this increase for a third party. If you are a civil servant and receive a disability pension, you also have the possibility of claiming this increase for a third party. At the same time, a supplement for a third person can be applied to you if you need the constant assistance of a third person before the age of the automatic full rate.

The case of the liberal professions differs in the context of the increase for third parties. You must log on to your retirement space, then consult your rights according to your plans, to find out more about this potential payment. The amount of the increase for third parties is set by decree: since April 1, 2023, it has been 1,283.23 euros per month. It is possible to claim this increase at the same time as your pension or by letter, accompanied by a medical certificate. After further expertise, your file can be forwarded to the departmental reform commission for an opinion.