During your professional career, it is not uncommon to take parental leave to take care of your child. Better still, this career break, in this specific context, can allow you to contribute quarters for your retirement. Find out how this device works.

The cessation of your professional activity has some consequences to be aware of on your retirement. Indeed, when you interrupt your career to take parental leave, you no longer receive your salary, except in special cases. Nevertheless, various systems have been put in place to avoid having too drastic an impact on the duration of the insurance. There is thus the pension insurance increase for parental leave or the increase for children. In the case of the increase in pension insurance for parental leave, you benefit from 12 quarters, i.e. 3 years, at the most cumulative.

For the calculation of the increase, a period of 90 days allows you to validate a quarter. In order to benefit from it, it is necessary to send your certificate of parental leave to your pension fund. It must therefore notify the dates of the leave and be created by your employer. It is important to know that it is not possible to obtain additional terms for parental leave and additional terms for children at the same time. When studying your file, your pension fund will be able to compare the two schemes and choose the one that offers you the highest number of quarters.