In order to obtain a full pension, several conditions are required. It is therefore essential to have accumulated a sufficient number of quarters, which currently amounts to 43 annuities, according to the pension reform. It is also possible to wait until the age of the full rate, set at 67 years. If the prospect of missing quarters is often mentioned, which it is sometimes necessary to buy back, it is less common to have extra quarters. What happens in this scenario?

If you have validated additional quarters, you can claim a bonus on your retirement pension under the basic scheme. To benefit from it, it is essential to have reached the legal retirement age, i.e. 64 years from September 1st. If you do not request the liquidation of your basic pension and you continue to work beyond the legal retirement age, you may be able to obtain an increase in the gross annual amount of your pension.

If you claim your pension at the full rate, the amount of your pension is calculated on the basis of a rate of liquidation equal to 50%. Each additional quarter thus allows you to increase your rate by 1.25%, i.e., the equivalent of 5% for the acquisition of four additional quarters. The premium is not capped: you can work as many additional terms as you wish. The premium can also be combined with the 10% increase enjoyed by parents of 3 children.