What is the inter-regime career statement (RIS)? This essential document contains important information for your retirement. It thus includes all the pension rights acquired during your career within the various pension schemes to which you have contributed. In what context is it necessary and what data is included in this statement?

From the start of your career, you gradually contribute to your retirement. As the years go by, it is sometimes difficult to take stock of your situation and your contributions, which the statement of individual situation (RIS) allows. It contains all the quarters contributed for the basic pension, regardless of the scheme, as well as the points acquired for your supplementary pension. It also provides information on the different schemes to which you have contributed by offering complete details of all your quarters.

To receive your statement of individual situation, you do not need to claim it. It is sent to you automatically every 5 years, starting at age 35. It is important to study it carefully because your information must be correct. They thus allow you to start the calculation for your retirement conditions and your benefits. If you observe an error in your statement of individual situation, it is essential to report it immediately to your pension fund to start a request for regularization.