Within the framework of the “Old-age insurance for stay-at-home parents” (AVPF), stay-at-home parents and persons caring for a child or a disabled parent have the possibility of obtaining a free connection to the general scheme for retirement. It is therefore possible to accumulate rights without paying contributions. What are the conditions of this system and what are the changes expected with the pension reform?

In France, to accumulate pension rights, it is mandatory to exercise or to have exercised a professional activity, which generates the payment of contributions. However, certain special cases exist such as unemployment, sick leave or parental leave. In these contexts, people remain affiliated to the pension scheme corresponding to their initial activity, but they can resume as soon as this period of inactivity ends. In other configurations, it is nevertheless possible to benefit from the general scheme without contributing. This is particularly the case for stay-at-home parents, parents of disabled children or people caring for a disabled parent at home. This system is called “Old-age insurance for stay-at-home parents” (AVPF).

To benefit from the “Old-age insurance for stay-at-home parents” (AVPF), stay-at-home parents must fulfill certain conditions. For a single person, you must have a child under the age of 3 or at least 2 children and receive resources below the ceiling used for the allocation of the back-to-school allowance. It is also necessary to receive the basic allowance for the childcare allowance (Paje), the family supplement or the shared education allowance for the child. For a couple, it is necessary, depending on the case, to be unemployed or to have income which does not exceed 27,714.96 euros with two children. Thanks to the pension reform, the periods validated under the old-age insurance of stay-at-home parents will be counted in the calculation of the increased minimum pension.