At the time of retirement, it is common to see unforeseen errors appear on the amount of your pension. For some of them, it is possible to modify them upstream when consulting your statement of individual situation, or to make a correction in the amount of your quarters. According to a report by the Court of Auditors, errors in pensions paid were significant in 2022 and may have cost some pensioners dearly. Explanations.

In 2022, the number of new retirement pensions paid has increased. With this wave of retirees, the sum of the errors made by pension funds during the liquidation of rights has also experienced a worrying rise. Thus, in its recent certification of the 2022 accounts of the general social security system, the Court of Auditors warned of this very high rate of anomalies for recently implemented pension rights. Of the 916,000 benefits granted by the funds of the old-age branch, more than one in seven pensions included “an error of financial scope”.

According to the Elders, the estimated error rate is 13%, a threshold which is also increased by the Court of Auditors, which rather evokes a figure of 15%. In this context, these errors impacted 1.1% of the amounts paid to retired workers last year. Still according to the Court of Auditors, and as Capital explains, the financial impact of these errors could reach “70 million euros”. It should be noted that in two out of three cases, i.e. 63% of retirees, these errors worked against them. Discover, in our slideshow, which are the mistakes that cost you dearly in 2022.