From Monday, February 6, the text on the pension reform project will arrive in the hemicycle of the National Assembly. In view of the general mobilization in the country, calls for strikes to underline the dissatisfaction with the postponement of the legal age of departure to the age of 64, the task promises to be more than complex for the deputies of the ‘opposition. Indeed, more than 7000 amendments, mostly from the Nupes, must be debated and voted on, the work of reflection promises to be colossal this week.

On the side of the majority, even if the President of the Republic enjoys a relative majority, twenty presidential deputies are also organizing in the shadows to soften the pension reform desired by Emmanuel Macron to make it fairer.

It is therefore difficult to find your way around and everyone is trying to convince both public opinion and parliamentarians. For this, everyone puts forward more or less reliable arguments.

So, could we, as the opposition suggests, do without raising the retirement age by taxing billionaires or increasing contributions? Some arguments are divisive, but are they all valid? Our colleagues from France Info have compiled a list of 7 statements about pension reform and have tried to disentangle the true from the false.

We take stock in our slideshow of these 7 rumors.