It is a moment that is prepared a long time in advance. Retirement is unique in that it comes to the end of a life spent toiling away. In order not to face some of the biggest problems it is likely to cause, it is essential to work on it upstream. Several pitfalls stand in the way of future retirees who are already considering the liquidation of their rights… Among which is the replacement rate.

This system, which is obviously not well known to French women and men, allows everyone to identify the loss of earnings mechanically caused by retirement. The level of the pension is systematically lower than that of the last salary. Some people sometimes advise, when the amount of the pension paid by the general scheme and the supplementary scheme is particularly low, to move abroad. What good is it, exactly?

Going to sink your old people abroad has, in fact, several advantages. It is possible to opt for a fiscally more generous destination, but also milder in terms of the climate. Very often, it is also an opportunity to improve your purchasing power, informs Ouest-France with Le magazine des séniors. Provided you know where to go, at the very least!

Those who might be tempted to go abroad would therefore do well to refer to the recent 2022 rankings unveiled by the consulting firm Mercer. He dwells, informs Capital, on the cost of living and housing for expatriates. Discover, in our slideshow, the 10 cities to flee when you don’t want to pay more.