In a current complex context, where inflation is eating into the purchasing power of the French, many retirees are choosing to pursue a professional activity alongside the payment of their pension. In this way, the loss of resources felt during retirement is compensated while the quality of life can be considerably improved. Despite everything, it is advisable to be careful about the use of the accumulation of employment and retirement, which must be used wisely. Find out what activities you are allowed to continue doing while receiving your pension.

Currently, nearly 500,000 people have chosen to combine employment and retirement in order to improve their monthly income. For some, the thrill of keeping a job or activity they enjoy also offers the ability to stay in action when retirement may seem monotonous to some. To fully understand this system, it is recommended to find out beforehand about the combination of employment and retirement, with specific rules that must be respected in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. In this context, you will be able to make the most of this valuable procedure in many respects.

Combining employment and retirement allows you, in fact, to resume or continue a professional activity and to combine the income from this activity with your retirement pensions. Depending on your situation, this accumulation can be total or partial. For the time being, the pursuit of an activity does not make it possible to acquire new pension rights, but the executive recently explained that this prospect would open up as part of the new pension reform. To benefit from the combination of employment and pensions, you must therefore have obtained all your basic and supplementary pensions from the pension schemes or have benefited from your basic pension at the full rate. Discover, in our slideshow, all the activities that you can still carry out in parallel with the payment of your pension.