Important to keep, the retirement pension certificate is a document that certifies your retirement. It materializes, in fact, a debt security held by the holder of the pension. It therefore stipulates several essential data on your retirement pension, but also your marital status. Find out what information you need to find on your pension document.

Essential to recover when you retire, the pension document confirms the payment of your pension, while specifying the number of quarters acquired and the amount of your pension as a civil servant. Each pension certificate is issued by the pension fund: it is only sent once and you must be careful to keep it. If you have been retired since 1 January 2018, your pension voucher is available in your secure account on the website.

Also called “pension notification”, the pension title tells you what the amount of your pension will be, your rate of payment, but also the quarters and points taken into account in the calculation of your rights. If you find an error in this document, you will have a period of two months from receipt to submit a request for revision to the Amicable Appeal Commission of the fund concerned. It will be essential to prove that your retirement request has been accepted in order to liquidate your supplementary pensions.