Who has never heard of retirement savings? The new PER (for Retirement Savings Plan) set up in 2019 by Bruno Le Maire has won over all or some of the savers, indicates the online bank Boursorama on its information site. The latter is even experiencing double-digit growth! In May 2022, French men and women contributed 44% more than usual. The success of such a product, which is not stingy with faults, as Planet has already had the opportunity to explain, cannot be denied. All in all, nearly 937 million euros were invested in the space of a month. Over the whole of the current year, payments already represent more than 10 billion euros.

But how to explain such enthusiasm?

The answer is simple, continues the online bank on its site. The PER is a powerful product, when you wish to constitute a capital or a possible annuity to be liquidated at the time of its cessation of activity. In addition, it opens the right to certain tax advantages which can prove to be particularly interesting, at least on paper.

It is clear, in fact, the many advantages of the PER. The amounts paid are deductible from taxable income within the limits of certain ceilings and it is possible to release the money stored in advance in the event of the acquisition of your main residence.

In addition, it is also possible to transfer your old retirement savings (PERP or Madelin retirement contract, for example, etc.) to your new PER Individual. But for that, you still need to know which contracts have already been taken out. Fortunately, says Dossier Familial, it is no longer so hard to know!

Since July 6, 2022, indicates Dossier Familial, a new online service has been set up. This, which unsurprisingly focuses on retirement savings, provides savers with research mechanisms for contracts already taken out.

Many beneficiaries forget to claim the funds to which they are nevertheless entitled to claim, once the liquidation of their rights has occurred, such a system could limit the loss of earnings for future retirees.

In 2021, parliament adopted a law “relating to the escheat of supplementary pension contracts”. This is why a new service is emerging today, detail our colleagues. It is called “My retirement savings contracts”.

This service, explains Dossier Familial, was jointly developed by several organizations: Agirc-Arrco and Caisse des dépôts. It is possible to access it from your personal space on the interregime portal Info-retraite.fr or directly using the mobile application “My retirement account”.

Once connected, it is possible to list all the retirement savings products (individual and collective) from which the individual benefits. Even more interesting: the data of the manager is also specified. Of course, contracts that have already been settled do not appear.