Is it in France that we work best? It is clear that French people appreciate some of the social benefits to which they are entitled to claim when they work as employees. According to a recent study by the human resources firm Remote, employees – whether they work in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or the United States – identified three main ones. First of all, explains 20 minutes on its site, the flexible hours that teleworking can offer. Then comes the terms of payment for overtime, but also the establishment of retirement plans financed by the employer.

In detail, our colleagues specify, some of these advantages do not exactly hit the mark with the French. They therefore appear less enthusiastic about telework than their Dutch counterparts. Generally speaking, however, women and workers who also have to deal with parenthood appreciate some flexibility in their office hours. That being said, other rights – if not necessarily constituting advantages – could deserve to be mentioned… Such as the pension bonus-malus system or the surcharge.

In terms of retirement, French people know their rights rather poorly, according to the recent dossier produced by Planet, based in particular on an Ipsos study. Among the mechanisms similar to advantages from which they could benefit is in particular the bonus, which allows them to benefit from a larger retirement pension. Provided you know how to free yourself from received ideas, of course…

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