Retirement pension: what amount after the increase of January 1, 2023?


Retirement pensions from the basic scheme are adjusted each year in line with inflation. However, 2022 has already seen a total of two upgrades, one of which is exceptional. These unexpected increases occurred last January and August, in the face of galloping inflation which is hurting the purchasing power of the French, and in particular that of retirees.

The annual reassessment normally takes place in January and the increase will therefore apply from Sunday January 1, as reported by our colleagues from La Dépêche. The increase will therefore be seen in the accounts of retirees when the pension due for the first month of the year is paid, which will take place on Thursday 9 February. Nearly 14 million people will be affected by this reassessment: they correspond to French people attached to the CNAV, CNRACL, CNAVPL, SRE or ASPA pension funds.

The suspense was great as to the announcement of the rate of the increase. Indeed, given the two revaluations that have already taken place this year, the increase in January was likely to be minimal compared to previous years. Indeed, retirement pensions from the basic scheme will only increase by 0.8% on 1 January.

In short, if we take into account the two revaluations of 2022, corresponding respectively to increases of 1% and 4%, the proportionality to the inflation rate is completely respected. The supplementary pension funds will also carry out their annual revaluations, and some have already communicated on the rate of the said increase.

Find below the new basic pension amounts that you will receive, depending on the amount you are currently receiving.