Retirement of civil servants 2023: the payment schedule


With no less than 42 pension organizations in France, there is reason to feel a little lost. Whether at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month, the payment of the retirement pension is always expected. Some schemes prefer to pay the pension “in arrears”, ie at the end of the period for which it is due. Others will choose a “due” payment, i.e. in advance of the date on which it is due, generally at the beginning of the month.

Each month, the former employee receives a transfer from the fund, knowing that the Retirement Insurance has opted for payment in arrears, i.e. most of the time on the 9th of each month. If it is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the payment is postponed to the following day.

Retirement insurance is the leading French pension scheme which manages nearly 36 million policyholders, former private sector employees, self-employed workers, public law contractors and artist-authors. On its site, the official 2023 payment schedule has been posted in a downloadable and printable version.

For State pensioners, the SRE (State Pensions Service) is paid at the end of the month. Former civil servants, magistrates and soldiers perceive their SRE like 2.3 million other retirees. For example, the March 2023 pension will be paid on March 30.

Below is the calendar for civil servants who receive their retirement from the SRE (State Pensions Service) at the end of the month.