All bakers employed in an artisanal or industrial bakery can obtain a basic pension and a supplementary pension. Since the end of 2019, Social Security for the Self-Employed has integrated the general Social Security system and the basic pension for artisan bakers goes through the pension insurance fund of the place of residence. What is the possible pension for a baker?

The baker has the same legal retirement age as other workers, namely 62 years old, and soon 64 according to the pension reform. However, it is possible for him to take early retirement at age 60 if he started working before his 20th birthday. Retirements initiated by an employee with at least 10 years of seniority in the company offers him an indemnity, the amount of which is set by the national collective agreement for bakery-pastry.

The amount of the indemnity is two months of reference salary for 10 years of seniority, to which is added a tenth of the month of salary for each additional year of seniority. In the case of a baker who has accumulated 40 years of professional experience, the severance pay may amount to 6 months of reference salary. From 1973, the calculation of the basic retirement pension of a baker is carried out according to the following formula: average annual income x rate x (Number of quarters / Reference duration). The average annual income is established on the basis of the average income obtained by the baker during his best years of activity.