While some top athletes grab the top spots in international rankings, many are not so lucky and have to settle for minimal pay. Since 2012, a system has nevertheless been put in place to allow them to obtain the validation of quarters of retirement in order to compensate for their years of training. Explanations.

Top athletes can enjoy retirement benefits. Thus, the periods when they have been registered on the list of high-level athletes, from January 1, 2012, give them the right to obtain free quarters. These are then acquired within the limit of 16 in all, without being able to exceed 4 quarters validated per year. The State can also supplement throughout the period after 2011 under different conditions of resources and age. This system can extend the contribution period to the maximum for this specific period.

Despite the implementation of this specific system, top athletes protest because of the lack of retroactivity of the system. It cannot, in fact, apply to athletes who have been high-level athletes in previous years. While a large number of athletes were waiting for the process to be extended to all those concerned, the pension reform did not bring them satisfaction. A deputy from Morbihan, Jimmy Pahun, has tabled an amendment to allow athletes who have appeared on the high-level lists between 1984 and 2012 to benefit from quarters for their retirement. It remains to be seen whether the executive will take this issue into consideration.