It is about “simplifying life” for retirees. Emmanuel Macron has made the elderly electorate one of his core targets, as evidenced by the recent announcements by the executive in this regard. A new device, likely to bring a lot of money to policyholders who have already liquidated their rights or to preserve the finances of those who will soon get there, has indeed been announced. With a clear objective, which some of the candidates in the legislative elections were able to reaffirm: to improve the living environment of the elders. “Live older but live better!”, tweeted Amélie Carpentier, substitute candidate in the 19th district of the North for Ensembles.

But what project are we talking about exactly? What is this new device planned by the executive and recently announced by the government? This is, explains Pleine-Vie on its site, the Ma Prime Adapt’ aid, which Planet has already had the opportunity to talk about. Based on the Ma Prime Rénov’ model, it is designed to facilitate the carrying out of work to adapt housing to age and loss of autonomy – in order to allow the most vulnerable to stay at home for as long as possible. what can be done. In some cases, it is even the insurance to save up to 5,600 euros.

Provided you understand how it works. Explanations.

This boost, remind our colleagues, is designed as part of the plan to combat falls in the elderly. It is therefore a question of financing, at least in part, the work undertaken.

You will have to apply online and be able to justify a series of criteria to benefit from it. These include the location of the accommodation, the resources, the number of people in the household, etc. as well as any proof of their state of health. Of course, only certain types of construction sites will be covered: this is not embellishment work, but development.

All in all, 680,000 residences could be affected by this boost, reports Pleine-Vie. That being said, over the year, only 70,000 homes will be eligible for Ma Prime Adapt’. This represents a budget of 400 million euros.

In addition, Ma Prime Adapt’ could also benefit carers, said the President of the Republic. The latter will be able to work two more hours per week, to better support French women and men in need of assistance.

The amount involved is significant, but the game is worth the candle, said the Head of State. “It is an investment for the Nation to help our compatriots adapt their housing and it is much smarter than going to pay for an expensive establishment”, he declared in fact in March 2022, in reference to the EHPAD. The issue of abuse can also be raised…

The President of the Republic has not yet officially clarified the precise amount he intends to allocate to the 2022 edition of Ma Prime Adapt’. That being said, this does not mean that no information has ever leaked…

In February 2022, Le Monde indeed obtained a document relating to the implementation of this boost. The latter detailed in particular the amounts envisaged. Thus, the system would cover up to 70% of the cost of the work undertaken for any individual whose annual income does not exceed 20,593 euros. Between 20,593 and 25,000 euros of resources, the percentage drops to 50%.

The cost of the work is capped at 8,000 euros. This therefore reduces the amount of savings made to a maximum of 5,600 euros in the first scenario and 4,000 euros in the second.