While inflation continues to degrade the daily lives of the French, their purchasing power is falling further and further every day. For retirees, the reality is even harsher in the face of the loss of resources caused by the transformation of their salary into a retirement pension. To remedy this, a new system called “Le Projet Fou” has just been created to support these households during their simple errands. Indeed, this new system allows consumers to save for their retirement by collecting money during their purchases in store. We explain everything to you in detail.

It is a difficult period that the French are currently experiencing with galloping inflation, increases planned for 2024 and purchasing power still severely impacted. To help them, Serge Bueno had a revolutionary idea by launching a special system to save for retirement while shopping. It is therefore a question of relieving these households with a kitty set up for every single euro spent in stores. Thanks to this “Crazy Project”, the money is invested, then blocked in a savings account for a minimum period of twenty years.

Questioned by our colleagues from Capital, businessman Serge Bueno explained that, to benefit from it, it was enough to “register on [the] site, buy a prepaid card with the desired amount and use it as a means of payment”. For now, more than 1,000 brands like Leroy Merlin, Intermarché, Decathlon and Auchan have agreed to play the game, provided that the customer now has a card in each brand. This obligation should be lifted at the start of this year.

In this context, the Smart Good Retraite subsidiary is paid on the commission paid by the brands, but only a small part of this money is kept. As Serge Bueno points out, stores benefit, for their part, “from the loyalty of customers who will exceed the money on their card at home”.

He explains in particular that this project was created to support the “72% of French people [who] say that they will not be able to live on their retirement”. This is to open “the way to many other initiatives around the solidarity economy such as donations to associations”.

While a French household spends on average 1000 euros per month, or 450 euros for food shopping and 550 euros for leisure, clothing and culture, here, “consumers pocket […] 6% of their purchases ”. These are, therefore, 60 euros of prize pool per month for 720 euros per year.

Ultimately, thanks to this system, the consumer could double the amount of their pension each month, which is equivalent to an increased purchasing power of 50% to 150%. Since the official launch of the project, 2,000 members have already been identified: an encouraging figure which could increase in 2024.