At the time of retirement, many steps must be taken in order to obtain the adequate payment of your future pension. When this is in place, it is important to keep your personal information up to date in order to avoid any default in the payment of your pension. If changes occur, it is therefore essential to contact your Retirement Insurance as soon as possible in order to notify them as soon as possible. Learn how to report a bank account change.

Whatever its nature, a change in your situation and your personal information must be transmitted to your Retirement Insurance. Thus, in the event that you change your bank details, you must notify all of your pension plans. We advise you to be particularly vigilant and not to close your bank account before being certain that your pension has been paid into the new one. To avoid any stoppage of payment, be careful and quick to notify your pension institution.

Depending on the organizations concerned, the rules differ when you change your bank details. Indeed, the information can be transmitted online, through your personal accounts on the websites of the plans, by mail or by telephone. To change your bank details, you can communicate your RIB to your regional bank. It is essential to mention, in your covering letter, your surname, first name and social security number.