Thanks to the redemption of quarters, it is possible to come and fill gaps in your career and to recover periods when you have not sufficiently contributed to the general social security system. With the future pension reform, to leave at full rate, you must both be 64 years old and have contributed 172 quarters, i.e. 43 years from 2027. To leave at this age without having sufficient contributions, you can redeem quarters. Is it possible to buy them back in installments?

To cope with the next pension reform, you can buy back quarters, which can be recovered in number of 12, i.e. the equivalent of three years of contribution. It is thus possible to obtain them within the framework of higher education or internships, provided that the request is made within two years of the end of the internship. In this perspective, you have the choice between a purchase based on the rate alone to reduce or cancel a discount on your pension or a purchase based on the rate and duration of insurance used to calculate your pension. In this way, you will cancel your discount, while increasing the level of your pension.

The price of a redeemed quarter varies according to your age and your salary at the time of the redemption. The younger you are, the less this purchase costs you. On the contrary, the closer you get to retirement, the more the amount of this purchase begins to be expensive. The cost fluctuates from just over 1,000 euros for a 20-year-old to 6,000 euros for a 60-year-old. The terms of payment vary according to the number of terms redeemed. It is possible to stagger it from 2 quarters: from 2 to 8 quarters, the payment can continue over 1 or 3 years while, from 9 to 12 quarters, it is possible to settle over 1,3 or 5 years .