Shortly before the 2010 reform, retirees embarked on the redemption of certain quarters in order to retire at the age of 60. However, with the gradual decline in the legal retirement age, the main people concerned still had to contribute longer. In order to overcome this problem, the government has thus chosen to offer them reimbursement within a limited framework and period. So, how can you obtain reimbursement for these additional quarters?

In this specific context, the reimbursement of redeemed terms is not automatic. Indeed, it is necessary to make a specific request to your pension fund, but also to fulfill certain conditions in order to benefit from it. At the time of the pension reform launched in 2010, retirees who bought quarters before were able to be reimbursed for this overflow. To do so, they had to complete their file before November 11 or December 17, 2013, depending on the date of redemption of the quarters.

At present, for the pension reform which is to be implemented in September 2023, it is not possible to be reimbursed for excess quarters. However, thanks to the additional quarters acquired, you can claim a bonus on your retirement pension under the basic scheme. Indeed, each additional quarter will allow you to obtain an increase in the gross annual amount of your pension. From then on, you will be able to benefit from an increase in your rate of 1.25% for an additional quarter, which is equivalent to 5% for 4 acquired quarters.