When counting the number of quarters needed to reach the full rate, it is not uncommon to see gaps in your career. A redemption can then be considered in order to increase your duration of insurance. This is particularly the case for the years of higher education, which can be redeemed, according to certain conditions defined beforehand. It is therefore advisable to inquire beforehand to carry out this process in the best possible way. What is the cost of this redemption of terms?

If you want to increase your number of terms, you can buy back your years of higher education, up to a limit of 12 terms. To make this purchase, you must meet several conditions. It is therefore essential to be between 20 and 67 years old, or less than 60 years old for permanent civil servants and the military. You must also not receive, at the time of your redemption, your personal pension. The periods concerned will then be those validated by a post-baccalaureate diploma, admission to a Grande Ecole or a preparatory class.

In this context, you can completely buy back these periods, even if you were working during your studies. However, it is not authorized to validate more than 4 quarters per calendar year, all types of quarters combined. The amount of your buyback depends both on your professional income for the last three years preceding your request, on the option chosen, but also on your age at the time of the request. The amounts paid to buy back your years of study will then be fully deductible from your taxable income.