Writer, journalist, society columnist, but also municipal councilor, Henry-Jean Servat has had a career rich in twists and turns and experiences. After celebrities like Chantal Goya, the singers Stone and Sloane or even the producer Jean-Claude Camus, he too chose to discuss the amount of his retirement pension in a period marked by the recent application of the reform . How much is his pension?

Aged 74, Henry-Jean Servat has an eclectic career, where he was able to exercise many different professions, but also handle the word and the language of Molière. Renowned for having become the confidant of the stars, he, like others before him, agreed to reveal the contours of his retirement, and in particular the amount he receives each month. Guest on the show Chez Jordan on C8, he answered without taboo the questions asked by Jordan De Luxe on the amount of money obtained at the end of his professional career.

Society columnist, Henry-Jean Servat worked for fourteen years on the Télématin show. He then hosted the “Carré Vip” section from 2006 to 2019 and produced his own reports. Faced with Jordan de Luxe, he, as explained by our colleagues at Capital, revealed that he receives “around 5,000 euros” per month, which represents, according to him, “not much”. He was quick to point out that he was making this reflection in relation to what he had earned, claiming to have “earned a lot more money per month than that”. He notably specified that this remained a small amount “compared to months when [he] earned a lot more money”, claiming to have been able to receive up to “7,000 to 8,000 euros per month for two columns”.