Retirement for a long career: from what age are you considered to have started working “early”?


In any case, to qualify for early retirement, you must have worked before 20 years. And also meet two conditions for the duration of the pension insurance. The first is to count a minimum number of quarters contributed, regardless of the compulsory basic schemes combined.

The second condition is to have acquired a minimum of quarters of pension insurance at the start of your career. Of course, these two conditions vary according to the year of birth, the age of retirement and the age of retirement.

For example, people born in 1961, 1962 and 1963 will be able to retire from age 60 for 168 quarters of contributions, or 42 years. In addition, it will be necessary to have validated 5 quarters at the end of the year of 20 years. From 1973, to leave at age 60, you must have contributed 172 quarters (43 years) and have validated 5 quarters at the end of your 20th year.

The periods taken into account in the calculation of the minimum number of quarters contributed are multiple: quarters of increase within the framework of the professional prevention account, periods of disability pension, within the limit of two quarters, national service limited to 4 quarters and periods of unemployment, within the limit of 4 quarters. Periods of illness, maternity and accidents at work are counted within the limit of 4 quarters.

The first thing to do is to request a certificate of situation from your Carsat, by sending it a form available on The certificate is issued at the earliest 6 months before the possible date of departure for early retirement.

Then just go to your account on the Retirement Info site and on your personal space, and send the certificate issued by the Retirement Insurance. The request can also be made by mail.

Early retirement is calculated according to the same model and the same conditions as any retirement granted to an employee. To obtain a simulation, simply go to the Retirement info site from your account.

On this site, it is possible to carry out a simulation according to the retirement age, the desired amount, make a career correction and finally request retirement. The correction of your career can be requested from the age of 55.