At 40, your future retirement does not yet occupy the center of your thoughts and you are convinced that you have time to prepare for it. However, the years go by quickly and the reforms only increase concerns about a rising retirement age and shrinking pensions. Steps are therefore to be taken to reassure you about your future and guarantee you a peaceful retirement.

In a society in constant flux, the recent pension reforms initiated have confirmed the difficulty of projecting oneself into an imprecise future. However, options are possible to start preparing for retirement smoothly and thus gain security in the face of the uncertainties of the future. By thinking about your needs in terms of income and quality of life as early as possible, you will be able to build a peaceful life, where you can meet all your desires.

While the future system could impose a new framework for pensions and weaken the most precarious, but also have an impact on the pension threshold, steps are to be taken on your side. In order to prevent a loss of income that could put you in a difficult financial situation, you must anticipate the resources that you could use to maintain a quality standard of living.

According to a study carried out in 2019 by Ipsos, only half of working people say they are preparing for retirement financially, while the figures of concern about the lack of resources continue to increase.

83% of French people say they are concerned by their financial situation in retirement and 10% of them have chosen to plan it regularly. Halfway through your career, you can absolutely begin to put in place actions that will bear fruit when you retire.

First of all, you need to take stock of your future needs and the state of your current resources. Depending on this initial inventory, you can embark on savings activities, but also real estate investments and financial investments to guarantee you additional income. To help you in your research, Planet details the 5 points to remember when preparing for your retirement.