Since last January, retirees have led a major struggle against the executive, supported by the opposition and the unions, in order to prevent the adoption of the pension reform. Despite months of social mobilization, the text was finally validated, under the effect of 49.3, then a hasty promulgation by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. The effects of this reform will continue to be felt in 2024 with many changes approaching. Here’s everything that changes for you in 2024.

During this end-of-year period, retirees are taking advantage, as much as possible, to take a breather after a busy period and complicated months. Inflation, purchasing power at half mast, controversial pension reform… Nothing will have been spared for households battered by the current crises, facing the prospect of working longer with the implementation of the pension reform. Since September 1, retirees have had their sights set on retirement at the age of 64 by 2030, as well as an increase in their insurance period to 43 years.

In this context marked by changes and social issues, the arrival of 2024 will put in place other modifications created by the pension reform. Despite the complicated announcements around longer working hours, there is nevertheless some good news for retirees, particularly in the context of the planned increases in retirement pensions. From January, pensions will therefore increase in order to relieve retirees hard hit by inflation. Other significant transformations will also take place in 2024. Discover, in our slideshow, everything that will change next year.