On April 14, the text of the pension reform was promulgated by Emmanuel Macron, then published in the Official Journal of the Republic on the night of April 15, 2023. This followed the validation of the Elders of the Constitutional Council. The publication of the text caused a stir. Followed by this formalization of the reform, the representatives of the unions, Sophie Binet and Laurent Berger announced various events to come, including the most important which will take place on May 1.

The unions were the first to react to the announcement of the timetable for the application of the pension reform. Indeed, invited on LCI on April 11, Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT, referred to the government’s calendar as “a real mess […] because the infrastructures are not there”. Nevertheless, the executive does not seem to reason in this way.

Reaffirming the words of Renaud Villard, the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt, mentioned having exchanged with the National Old Age Insurance Fund (CNAV). He then considered that there was nothing to fear and that everything would be in place for this date of September 1. “Since March 22, I have authorized this fund to carry out recruitments, including reinforcements to answer the questions which are obviously more numerous when there is a reform, and to allow its implementation in good conditions”, as he points out to Laurence Ferrari, this Tuesday, April 25. The pension reform should therefore apply from September 1, 2023.

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