Depending on your year of birth and your generation, you will have more or fewer quarters to contribute under the current pension reform. Indeed, it will now be necessary to be 64 years old and justify 43 annuities to be able to retire against 62 years previously. But what if you already have all the required contributions before the age of 64? Can you retire earlier than planned?

Bad news: even if you have reached the required contribution period and have a sufficient number of quarters before your 64th birthday, you will not be able to retire earlier. The legislation requires, in fact, to have reached the legal retirement age to be able to leave, despite a full and effective contribution before this threshold. Thus, the legal retirement age is the one at which you can ask to retire. As part of the new pension reform, you will therefore have to wait until you are 64 years old.

Despite this mandatory threshold, in some cases it is possible to retire before age 64. You can therefore take advantage of an early departure if you started working before your 20th birthday. In the event that you started your professional activity before your 16, 17 or 20 years of age and if you benefit from a sufficient duration of insurance, you will be able to take advantage of the long career scheme. If you are disabled, you can also retire from the age of 55 with the required insurance period. Finally, it is also possible to leave earlier if you have been exposed to hardship factors at work.