Since its presentation on January 10, the pension reform has experienced major opposition from the French, who refuse its implementation. As the protest mounts, the government gradually finds itself in a new impasse. Abroad, the former head of Swedish Social Security spoke directly to Emmanuel Macron asking him not to follow this model, voted in his time.

For many French people, retirement at age 64 sounds like a punishment, which calls into question their rights. It also raises serious concern about the prospect of a degraded quality of life, despite studies showing an increase in our life expectancy. In general, this change means an increase in the duration of contributions, which will tip the already complex daily life of the French people into increased precariousness.

The testimony of Karl Gustaf-Scherman, former head of Swedish Social Security, adds fears to those, already anchored, of the French. He thus spoke on BFMTV by expressing his regrets for having raised the legal retirement age to 65 20 years ago. He strongly criticized the model he established by highlighting “a new formula for calculating pensions”. According to him, it is necessary, above all, that Emmanuel Macron “does not copy the Swedish model” but, indeed, that he chooses “a French reform.”