For once, a new meeting on the theme of pension reform is taking place this Wednesday, May 31, 2023 For three hours, the deputies who are members of the Social Affairs Committee studied the proposal of the Liot group (Freedoms, Independent, Overseas, Territories). The latter, led by Charles de Courson, want to repeal the reform promulgated by the executive on April 14.

The approximately 70 parliamentarians had to decide to adopt, modify or readjust this text which wishes to reconsider the retirement age. At the same time, the members of the majority party and its allies from Modem and Horizons had the mission of slowing down or even making it difficult for this proposal to arrive on June 8 in the hemicycle.

Tuesday, May 30, the President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet deemed this repeal text “unconstitutional”. On the set of France 2, the deputy assured that article 1 of the proposal carried by the Liot group would go against article 40 of the Constitution. “I hear people say: it would be undemocratic to prevent the vote (of the Liot proposal), I find it crazy because it is the application of the law and there is nothing more democratic than ‘enforce the law’, she hammered.

What did the deputies of the Social Affairs Committee think of it?

After 2h30 of debate, 38 elected officials voted for the rejection of the article repealing retirement at 64, while 34 deputies voted against. “This article wanted to come back to the decline in the starting age. It should be reintroduced in session on June 8 by the Liot deputies”, specify our colleagues from BFMTV.

A result which did not take long to make the presidential majority react, satisfied: “They wanted a vote, they got it! Article 1 of the Liot bill is deleted by the Social Affairs Committee”, notably declared Jean-René Cazeneuve (Renaissance) on Twitter. Does this vote sign the end of the debates related to the pension reform?

Far from there. This referral does not mean that the pension reform has been definitively adopted and excluded from the debates. The text should be reintroduced in session on June 8 by the Liot deputies. Suffice to say that by this deadline, many things can still change the current trend and fuel the hopes of the opposition.

As a reminder, a new day of mobilization against the pension reform is expected on June 6. Meeting in Paris last Tuesday, the intersyndicale affirmed its desire to make this date “a great day of strikes and demonstrations”. On Twitter, the CGT announced: “They wanted a vote, they got it! Article 1 of the Liot bill is deleted by the social affairs commission”.