Retirement remains an important stage in your life and most often marks the end of a busy professional career. If the steps to be taken can sometimes seem tedious, it is essential to dwell on them diligently in order to avoid a delay in your departure or even delays in the payment of your retirement pension. In order to help you, certain websites are essential to know and offer you precious help for the launch of your procedures. Here are some examples of websites to place as quickly as possible in your favorites.

As your retirement date approaches, are you increasingly worried about the scope of the steps to be taken? With the adoption of the recent pension reform, it is even possible that the increase in the legal retirement age concerns you and that you ask yourself important questions about it. In order to carry out your retirement request in the best possible conditions, we advise you to plan this process sufficiently in advance to avoid unnecessary stress and take this turn in a serene manner. To request your pension, all you have to do is go to your personal space on the website. The date of your departure will then be set to the 1st day of the selected month.

In order for your file to be processed as soon as possible, it is essential to request your retirement six months before the desired departure date. You will then be asked for various supporting documents to compile your file. If the Health Insurance site is one of the essential addresses to know for your retirement, other sites of organizations can also provide you with valuable assistance during your steps. For example, the Retirement Insurance data site will offer you access to open Retirement Insurance data, while the France services site will offer you support on your retirement rights and procedures. Discover, in our slideshow, the complete list of websites to know for your retirement.