50%. This is the number of single people eligible for the minimum old age who do not use it, according to a study published by the Research Department for Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) in 2022. In France, non-claimants would benefit, if they so requested, from an average of 205 euros per month of aid. A sum far from negligible in the current context of inflation.

From the age of 55, 60 or 65, it is possible to claim certain means-tested aid, according to the social aid site. Often overlooked, these aids can help finance work in their main home, finance home help or even increase the purchasing power of beneficiaries. All are conditioned on various criteria: age, resources, family situation. To be sure not to miss out on help, it is necessary to be well informed.

Depending on the request and the type of assistance, different organizations should be contacted. Here is a list of those you can contact for any requests or information about this or that help:

Discover in our slideshow below all the aid you can claim once you retire or are over 65.