Social victory, well-deserved rest, free time… While retirement can be seen as an infinite field of possibilities, it can also be a source of anxiety. Between isolation and loss of income, many people dread this essential stage of life. For the transition to go as smoothly as possible, it is better to prepare well for its cessation of activity… In particular by establishing a very precise schedule of your deadlines.

Since retirement is not paid automatically, it is up to you to set your departure date. To do this, you must take into account several elements:

To have time to prepare everything, it is recommended to set your departure date a year in advance.

We generally advise future policyholders to apply for retirement four to six months before the departure date. “To apply for your pension, simply log on to your personal space on By making your application online, you only have to make a single application for all of your pension plans, basic and complementary”, explains the official website of the Retirement Insurance.

Indeed, the transition to retirement is accompanied by the filling of many forms. Overview in our slideshow below.