The usefulness of the life certificate sometimes remains unknown, but many organizations can ask you for this important document. It is, in fact, a certificate that affirms that the applicant is still alive on a given date. It can also be found under the term “certificate of existence”. Who can ask you for it and what is it for?

The life certificate is essentially required of you by pension funds. Depending on the organisations, this document may be requested from you each year. It is frequently associated with retirement abroad. For example, if you receive a French pension and you live in France, you do not need to provide a life certificate. If you receive a French pension but live abroad, it is, on the other hand, essential to communicate this supporting document annually to continue to receive your retirement pension.

The supply of the life certificate must be made to the pension funds that request it. It is essential for you to send it as soon as possible in order to avoid any problem in the payment of your pension. The fund ensures, in fact, by this request, that you are still alive to continue to send you your retirement pension. This certificate issued by official authorities is the safest way for her to be certain of your current situation. If some funds are satisfied with a sworn statement, it is still recommended to recover this document as soon as possible.