Also known as the minimum old age, the Aspa is a minimum amount granted, subject to means, to people who have not contributed enough to pension schemes to benefit from an income at the time of retirement. This solidarity allowance for the elderly is however subject to a precise framework and a specific allocation context. When going abroad for your retirement, can you continue to receive this allowance?

Funded by the state, the Aspa is a social minimum, like the RSA. It is open to anyone aged at least 65 whose annual resources, allowance included, are less than 11,532.96 euros for a single person and 17,904.96 euros for a couple. The minimum age of this allowance can be reduced, in certain cases, to the retirement age in the event of incapacity for work, a disability or even a veteran. It should be noted that the amount of the Aspa varies according to the resources of the beneficiary.

To apply for Aspa, you can go directly to your pension fund or, in the case of widows or widowers, to the fund that paid your spouse’s pension. The resources taken into account are the income from work for the last three months, above certain amounts (463.68 euros gross for a single person), basic and supplementary retirement pensions, but also the invalidity pension . To benefit from the Aspa, you must reside in metropolitan France or in the Overseas Territories, otherwise this allowance cannot be paid to you.