a year Ago, at Bassenge in Berlin for 25000 Euro offered and for 70000 euros to an American collector, increased the price of the 1822 by Johann Anton Ramboux lithographed double portrait of the brothers Konrad and Franz Eberhard currently by a further 15000 euros: The sale at 85000 euros for the exemplary Friendship romance received Belgian trade. For 34000 Euro Rembrandt’s were sold to “landscape with the hut at the big tree” and Bartholomew Sprangers etching of St. John the Evangelist with the attentive eagle, a duplicate of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. The complete sequence of the “sky striker,” the Dutchman Hendrick Goltzius increased from 7500 to 22000 Euro, Jan van de VeldesII horrible “witches ‘ Sabbath” from 2800 to 30000 euros.

Camilla sheets

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At the drawings room and the phones, crowded around Jean-Baptiste Oudrys head of a sensitive creature par excellence characterizing the hound, wandered only at 7000 euros (estimate 600) in a Berlin private collection. Otto Greiners large study to much smaller etching “screams of death” was an American collector of 15000 Euro (6000) value. Amazed excited a Swiss private bidder, the Serge Poliakoffs Gouache “composition in Red, Pink, Yellow, and White” to 46000 euros, and “composition in Blue, Black and Yellow,” 42000 euros (estimate per 18000) raised. Wilhelm Kuhnerts in the moonlight to the water resistive Zebra herd at 14000 Euro (4000) to a Russian admirer.