In colors and Details is almost what wanted to represent in order to 1520/30 in Antwerp and Mechelen active master of the female half figures in its “Vast landscape with the conversion of St. Paul”: The soldiers put their way through the level, city of fort gen, only next to the by the divine beam of light blinded Paul, the horses apart, blow up, and share the views of the new Testament event. In the autumn auction at Lempertz in Cologne, wood panel was estimated at 100,000 to 140,000 euros; the contracts were awarded only for 330,000 euros. In the Old art the succeeded Similar to Pieter Bruegel the elder. four “go back to the times of the year paintings” by Abel Grimmer with 230000 Euro (tax 120.000/160.000) and Roelant Saverys of ornithological connoisseurship stuff at the end of “landscape with round tower and arched bridge” of 1625, with 260,000 euros (180.000/200.000). Unsold the magnificent, to up to 300,000 Euro prized painting of the “Six of the apostles” from the perimeter of the master of the siefer Heimer altar remained. A German collector bought for 140,000 euros (150.000/170.000), the two Apostle “Simon Zelotes and James the Younger” in Cologne, make master of the Holy clan. For 150,000 euros (150.000/170.000) went the 1525 resulting “Salome” of the monogram crap I. W., who was in the workshop of Lucas Cranach, to a Swiss bidder.

Leo von Klenze light-filled “Roman buildings, with a view of the Cloaca Maxima” on a copper plate to a dominant position in the art of the 19th century.Century claim, the award of 300,000 euros (250.000/350.000). With a distance of Mikhail Andreevich On’ “cabbage follow harvest” of 1896 at 48,000 euros (estimate: 10,000/15,000) and Johann Wilhelm Preyers “still life with grapes and pure clauden” from the 1880’s at 37,000 Euro (18.000/22.000). The presentation of the “St. John the Baptist” from the young Nazarene Franz Ittenbach played 30000 Euro (30.000/35.000).

Playful Picasso in 1967 brought his “Homme nu couché” with color chalk on paper: The unusual motif led to Modern art and at Lempertz; a bidder granted 560,000 euros (360.000/400.000). Market fresh Jawlensky’s was in 1925, created “portrait of woman Kirchhoff”, which went for a staggering 240,000 euros (about 240,000/260,000 miles) to a North American collector. Also 240.000 Euro (230.000/260.000) granted to a German bidder for Nay’s disk image “Dominant Green” in 1955; “the fishermen”, an early figurative work of Nay’s from 1936, and rose to 170,000 euros (130.000/150.000). Two watercolours by Nolde came to the 140,000 euros: “the lake with two blue boats in front of mountain landscape” (100.000/120.000) to 1925/30, and the later “sun flower and yellow Dahlia flower” on Japan paper (120.000/140.000).

Albert oehlen’s 120 times sixty inches large wood panel “Industrial elves” of 2001, the lives of your spirited color order; for 260,000 euros (150.000/200.000) in London trading. Was trumps the image in the section with the contemporary art of Günter förg’s vibrating grid structures “untitled” from 2007; for a bet of 320,000 euros (150.000/180.000). The two-part work “Position of Two Angles of 180°and 159°,” by Bernar Venet, created in 1976, was able to triple their top tax tripled, reaching 90,000 euros. Georges Mathieu’s tachistische “Grâces Vagabondes” of 1991 doubled their lower estimate to gut85.000 Euro (40.000/50.000). – In spite of some declines, the Old art was able to meet the overall expectations of 5.1 million to 5.2 million. In the modern and contemporary art, a turnover of 9.2 million Euro 8.1 million.