the auditorium is half full or half empty? Depending on the mood of the Professor will answer the question one way or the other. Also from the personal perspective, it depends on whether the Hessian universities for good or bad. A budding Economist, who visited in the chic House of Finance at the University of Frankfurt seminars, will have a different view on things than a Darmstadt student of architecture, the rain water from the leaky Institut ceiling is dropped on his model.

For pessimists, like optimists, the answer of Boris Rhein on a SPD provides the request in Parliament for debate. In the universities, technical and art schools of the country, structurally, there is much room to be desired, to the Minister of science itself. Not just at the TU Darmstadt, whose students protest particularly loudly, to visit the consequences of decades of neglect. Especially at the universities, the ratio complain is also bad: The increase in teaching staff has not kept up with the steep rise in numbers of students step.

The way

on the Other hand should also admit black rather that much has changed for the Better. The new University of Frankfurt-Campus Westend is only the most obvious proof of the appreciation that brings the country to its academic educational institutions since the turn of the Millennium. Elsewhere, it was invested a lot, and the two colleges of art may even look forward to Completely new buildings.

This path must go to the future government, and the coalition agreement between the CDU and the Greens suggests that the two parties have the terms. However, you may be curious as to how the materialized appreciation for education and research, when the economy is in decline and tax revenues no longer bubble up so strong with full of cash is easy to build. In bad times, it needs a strong Minister of science, gives his Department of respect and money.