It is rather inconspicuous, therefore, the RV 580 T of the brand-new series MC (stands for Modern Comfort) Hymer: Economical graphic, dark cab with silver-grey residential building, it looks a bit high on legs, but at first glance, significant. This impression continues on the first kilometers on a spectacular way: Everything about this Valance is easy, the steering, the gearbox, the acts mobile directly-footed, if you can say that of a 3.5-Tonner, and a suspension, how we have had so far, none under a motorhome: This is not a new benchmark in this class, so something there was in the past. What have made Mercedes-Benz and the motorhome manufacturers, as in four years of working on the wheels, is unique.

the especially for travel mobile developed Sprinter-power car with front-wheel drive, the weight is flanged optimized SLC Chassis Hymer. Alko built it out of galvanized frame parts, Hymer contributes sandwich parts, resulting in a very stiff, 36 inches high raised floor. Supplemented by a newly designed rear axle with individual wheel suspension and torsion bar suspension, which leads to a level of ride comfort that makes the uninitiated on an air suspension type. So gentle of 580 tonnes over bumps across also resonates coarser kind, ironed them smooth and makes you forget that you are on the right, the extended lane of the motorway on the way.

No bumps, no reflections in the interior when driving over transverse joints, driving comfort as never before in a motorhome. After about 200 kilometres of a Mobile in 30 years, we can’t hide our enthusiasm for the ride comfort of the MC-chassis. It was combined in our case with the optional automatic transmission 9G-Tronic for the 177-horsepower Diesel, which is only intended for motorhomes.


For the first Time in the Hymer B-class, the new series of MC, part built vehicles, four layouts in two body lengths of seven or 7,40 meters. The 580 T is one of the shorter and beds the classical interior, with a single in the rear over the large rear garage. Classically, only the basic arrangement, however, because in the Detail Hymer also went in a new direction, away from the right angle. The Designer made use of an interior architectural tricks to create by slight deviations from the Straight area where it is needed, and where not to save, where it interferes with. This approach has realized more than 20 years ago a non-industry interior designer in a Bürstner caravan, with huge area of effect, but at the time, too early for the conservative clientele.

Hymer implemented a design concept in which the furniture of the dinette bench in the front on the Badwand are arranged to the bedroom in a slight angle of six degrees. The course then expands to the rear, which creates a lush impression of the room, also because of the undisturbed line of Sight to the rear. The oblique furniture built-in jump back behind the bench – at first glance, something incomprehensible – something. The ingenious idea behind it is revealed when it is handled in the only 2.29 metres wide and 580 T at the kitchen, which is installed next to the front door: This unusual-looking design gives a precisely in the right place for more elbow room.

Also in the bedroom is the basic idea: mattresses and additional padding between the beds are at right angles, the Latter is trapezoidal, with the wider side to the head end. The consequence of this is that the mattress exactly where you need the most space, namely, hip height, 85 inches wide. It has built a large bed, and is reached via a top-level fold-out staircase.