Reshuffle: this is what the Borne government could look like


The Head of State will have taken his time. From now on, it is up to the Prime Minister to propose a series of names and to compose her new government. This, informs Europe 1 on its site, should be considerably smaller than the team formed by the former mayor of Prades: in his time, Jean Castex had appointed 29 ministers and 12 secretaries of state. The executive then had 20 men and 20 women for an average age of 51 years.

In the current state of things, it goes without saying that the team supposed to replace that chosen by Jean Castex has not yet been assembled. It will therefore be necessary to be patient before hoping to know more about the new faces of the government. That being said, remind several of our colleagues, many rumors are already emerging and it is therefore possible to imagine what the Borne I government could theoretically look like.

Other elements, which have little direct relationship to the names likely to leak, are already known. The Head of State has pledged to review the way he has presided so far. This takes into account the composition of the future government. “Changing methods also means changing those around you,” said one of his advisers. This is why the total number of ministers should be reduced to approximately 15. Several of them could also come from the former executive and others are likely to emerge from the Republicans. The list in our slideshow that you will find below.